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Native American series: First in a series of four: the Hohokam


Saturday, April 12, 2 pm: Do you enjoy wandering among the ancient, fallen ruins and remote sites of the past—walking among structures thousands of years old, gazing into ceremonial kivas, exploring empty pueblos, staring at faded rock art images on cliff faces and boulders, and asking yourself, ‘who were the people who lived here and what were their lives really like?’

If so, delve into the prehistoric past with Lori Hines, paranormal mystery author of THE ANCIENT ONES, CAVES OF THE WATCHERS, and WHISPERS AMONG THE RUINS, who will be doing a four-month series on Native American history of the Southwest for the WRC. The first presentation, scheduled in April, will be on the Hohokam, who resided in present-day Phoenix, Tucson and Mexico. The May (May 10) discussion will feature the Anasazi or Acestral Puebloan from the Four Corners, June will be Mogollon/Mimbres, and the July presentation will feature the Sinagua.

Lori travels throughout Arizona doing presentations on Native American history of the Southwest, discussing prehistoric cultures from the late BC period through 1400 AD.

She is the host of “Under the Surface,” a radio program focused on Native American history and culture as well as the metaphysical. Her show features shamans and healers, historians, authors, archaeologists, as well as Native American artists and entertainers. The program is part of WHVR Digital Broadcasting.

Her awards include honorable mention in the general fiction category for CAVES OF THE WATCHERS in the 2013 Great Southwest Book Festival. Her mysteries are inspired by her experiences as a paranormal investigator and travel adventures throughout the Southwest.

Personal Growth Talk: THE TRUST FREQUENCY: Change Your Frequency, Change Your Life

Friday, April 18, 7 pm: Easter - a time of reflection and rebirth. Authors Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow will present ideas from their book THE TRUST FREQUENCY: TEN ASSUMPTIONS FOR A NEW PARADIGM that will give you tools for deep, lasting transformation.

With their direction, you’ll examine core beliefs that stand in the way of the evolutionary upward spiral to higher consciousness. Align with your own inner knowing. Learn that the laws that apply to YOU differ depending on your frequency. Learn about the role of free will and your ability to choose your frequency and thereby your reality. Discover that we live in a conscious, loving Universe. Experience The Trust Frequency, the vibratory realm where the soul’s destiny awaits, with more abundance, joy, beauty and peace than we can imagine.

is a handbook to higher consciousness on the "High Road to Happiness." It is a unique synthesis of indigenous cosmology, quantum science and Eastern and Western mysticism and a companion piece to their film "IN SEARCH OF THE FUTURE: What do the Wise Ones Know?”

Bill Gladstone, literary agent for Eckhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsch, Jean Houston, Barbara Marx Hubbard and many other luminaries in the mind/body/spirit genre, says of THE TRUST FREQUENCY: TEN ASSUMPTIONS FOR A NEW PARADIGM: I am confident that Bailey and Marlow will be perceived as the next “new wave” in the practical application of new science thinking. The Trust Frequency is a highly intelligent book that captures and synthesizes, as no book published to date has ever done before, the true meaning of the present shift in consciousness that many authors have identified and discussed, in books such as Tolle’s THE POWER OF NOW, Walsch’s CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD and even Byrne’s THE SECRET. It is also possibly the most grounded book in this genre, in offering not abstract but practical solutions that readers can immediately implement to improve their own lives and the lives of others.

Paradigm-shifters Andrew Cameron Bailey and Connie Baxter Marlow are visionary filmmakers, futurists and social philosophers who envision a positive future for humanity. Coming from divergent life experiences, they have reached similar conclusions: the prevailing paradigm is missing important information about the nature of reality. They challenge a number of basic assumptions which have driven humanity’s behavior for millennia.

Connie and Andrew speak from a reality in which the following assumptions are absolute: we live in an infinitely conscious, loving, inter-connected, and abundant Universe where free will and the power of consciousness create the life we experience. Their uplifting vision is a bold synthesis of contemporary quantum science, Eastern mysticism and indigenous cosmology, and proposes practical solutions to the dilemmas that face humanity. They foresee a completely new and unprecedented world: one of peace, harmony and abundance, which has never before existed on Earth. Their inspiring, inclusive, universal approach makes their message accessible to audiences of all ages, from all walks of life.

Their latest film/book project is THE FIRST FIFTY YEARS:Freedom and Friendship at Plymouth Plantation, which brings America's origin story into balance and honors the Mayflower Pilgrims and Native Americans for their role in the evolution of democracy and the American mind and spirit.
  AZ Movie Talk: Location Filming in Arizona: The Screen Legacy of the Grand Canyon State

Saturday, April 19, 2 pm: The scenic natural vistas of Arizona’s deserts and mountains have made it a favorite backdrop of movies and television shows. Westerns such as silent-era pictures derived from Zane Grey fiction through the John Ford–John Wayne classics Stagecoach and The Searchers benefited from the beautiful and rugged landscapes. TV classics such as Gunsmoke and Little House on the Prairie helped define Arizona’s allure for Hollywood. Oscar winners Jerry Maguire and Little Miss Sunshine took advantage of the infrastructure that accumulated to lure filmmakers to Tucson, Yuma, Phoenix, Prescott, Sedona and all corners of the Grand Canyon State. Join Lili DeBarbieri, author of LOCATION FILMING IN ARIZONA, as she looks at the movies and shows shot in the state, as well as other aspects of Arizona film culture.

Lili DeBarbieri is a nonfiction author, librarian and travel expert. Lili's notable, best-selling debut book, A GUIDE TO SOUTHERN ARIZONA’S HISTORIC FARMS AND RANCHES, was named a New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards finalist. An accomplished and versatile writer, her work has appeared in a diverse range of publications over the years, including the forthcoming scholarly work, THE UTAH PRARIE DOG. Lili is a local stringer for Agence France-Presse, an international news agency, and has served as contributing editor of Ethical Traveler. A Philadelphia native, she now lives in Tucson, Arizona.

If you're a film lover, and you love the Arizona landscape, come and learn more about Arizona's rich film history.